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What you need to know before you apply

We’re an Equal Opportunities Housing Provider, in full compliance with anti-discrimination laws. You’ll need to provide current photo ID and confirmation of address for each applicant so we can verify your identity and suitability.



We are property letting experts with years of experience across Scotland.

We are residential lettings professionals, with vast experience of rentals across Scotland. We work with the strict codes of practice set out by The Scottish Letting Agent Register.  

Maximum rental returns with Smart Property Let’s:

At Smart Property Let’s, we always aim to attract the highest rental return for our clients. Most letting agencies will lower the rent if the property has been on the market for a set period of time, and keep lowering until it becomes tenanted.

With us, we always look at the market value rent in any particular area and work with landlords to achieve that figure.

We have a great renovation team and can advise on current rental standards in order to attract the best tenant at the highest rent possible.



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